telo misikeke pi toki pona - a toki pona grammar checker

o alasa e pakala! [Back]

This tool was developed by jan Nikola, with help from jan Kijon (thanks for the tip of LDT!)

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jan li kama sona e toki pona la, pakala sama li lon toki ona. ilo ni li alasa e pakala ni lon toki.

This tool is not a toki pona parser. Instead, it looks for patterns of common human errors.

It was developed during the proofreading/retranslation of jan lawa lili, once I noticed that a few recurring errors followed the same patterns.

Standard toki pona Disclaimerâ„¢

o sona e ni: nasin pona pi toki pona li mute.

This tool is not authoritative. Different people use different styles of toki pona. An underlined passage does not necessarily mean that it should be reworded.

I tried to split "error" types into different categories in order to minimize the confusion:


pakala mute li lon nimi sama la, ilo ni li ken ala sona e ale.

The biggest limitation is that it cannot parse two overlapping errors.

For instance: jan li li moku mute en moku kin will show the li li error, but not the erroneous en use.

If you correct the first error, jan li moku mute en moku kin will then show the problematic en.

Anything else I should know?

o luka e nena CTRL e nena "." tawa ni: sina ken lukin e pakala sinpin :-)

Ctrl+. will bring your cursor to the next error. This is useful when correcting larger texts.


sina wile pona e ilo ni la, o toki tawa mi!

If you have ideas for other common errors I missed, if you encounter any problem (e.g. wrongly flagged passages or undetected errors), you can either:

The code is released under the MIT license.

Thanks to everyone from ma pona pi toki pona and from lipu Wesi pi toki pona who tested it and sent comments!